I Already Use a Distributor, Can I Still Use Topgun Music?

If you’ve written your songs, then you need both. Topgun Music is not a distributor. It’s a publishing administrator — a one-stop shop for monetizing your publishing rights and meeting your royalty collection needs when it comes to compositions (song lyrics and melody). Topgun Music represents your rights as a songwriter. Labels and distributors represent your rights as the recording owner. They make sure your music is available on popular DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music. Unless you’ve reached a specific publishing agreement with them, distributors typically pay royalties based on your ownership of a recording, not the composition itself. So to make sure your music is available at streaming services around the world, you need a distributor. And to make sure you’re collecting publishing royalties earned by your songs when they’re streamed, played live, played on broadcast or internet radio, and more — you need Topgun Music.