So how does it work and what do you get?

Sign up to Topgun Music to register, claim for, and collect royalties at the click of a button. We’ll register your songs globally in over 200 territories. We track your income, process your royalties and increase the value of your songs. We pay royalties directly to you.

We charge a one-time, $60 fee per songwriter. Not annual, not per-release - one time.

You keep 85% of the royalties we collect on your behalf. We charge a 15% administration fee.

Topgun Music allows you to register only those songs you want us to administer. We don’t require you to deliver your full catalog.

Topgun Music takes no creative control of your songs, so you and your team can make the decisions that are right for you. 

I Already Use a Distributor, Can I Still Use Topgun Music? 
If you've written your songs, then you need both. 

Topgun Music is not a distributor. It’s a publishing administrator — a one-stop shop for monetizing your publishing rights and meeting your royalty collection needs when it comes to compositions (song lyrics and melody). Topgun Music represents your rights as a songwriter. 

Labels and distributors represent your rights as the recording owner. They make sure your music is available on popular DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music. Unless you’ve reached a specific publishing agreement with them, distributors typically pay royalties based on your ownership of a recording, not the composition itself. 

So to make sure your music is available at streaming services around the world, you need a distributor. And to make sure you're collecting publishing royalties earned by your songs when they're streamed, played live, played on broadcast or internet radio, and more - you need Topgun Music.




Step 1: Register  

Step 2: Agreement 

Step 3: Add your songs  

Step 4: Royalty collection and payment