Can Topgun Music Collect My YouTube Royalties?

When it comes to compositions, yes. Topgun Music offers YouTube monetization on behalf of your compositions as part of our worldwide publishing administration services.  

Upon registration, you are automatically opted into YouTube monetization. Please note that Topgun Music can only…

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How Far Back Can You Collect My Royalties?

It depends on past deals and individual societies. 

Most of the collection societies and other pay sources that we collect from are able to collect royalties as far back as two or three years. Some more, some less. We make…

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How Long is My Term with Topgun Music? 

Topgun Music offers the most flexible, writer-friendly deal around: a two-years minimum term. The global song registration process can take anywhere from six to nine months, with royalty distribution occurring the following quarter. Once your songs are submitted with all…

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Why does Topgun Music charge a $60 registration fee? 

To become a Topgun Music client, and access our best-in-class global publishing rights administration service, you’ll pay a one-time $60 per songwriter registration fee, and Topgun Music will keep 15% of the royalties we collect. The reason Topgun Music needs…

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